Working groups

Coeliacs for Coeliacs

Tunde Koltai (Hungary)

Dan Kühnau (Germany)



Camilla Dirdal (Norway), General Coordinator

Juan Carlos García (Spain), Project Manager

Mirjam Eiswirth (Germany), Financial Manager


Scientific Advisory List (SAL)

The Scientific Advisory List (SAL) is made up of a maximum of one nominated scientific/medical expert from each member society. The nominated members should be selected from among qualified national and international experts from scientific and academic worlds with particular attention being paid to their professional background and experience. Members of the SAL  sit on this board on their personal capacity and on a voluntary, non-remunerated basis.

Prof Christian Scerri has been elected Chairman of SAL by the Board of AOECS. The Chairman and members of the Scientific Advisory List have a mandate of three years and may be re-elected. AOECS board directors or their official delegates can attend meetings of the Scientific Advisory List.

The SAL has the authority to make recommendations to the AOECS Board regarding technologies, research, projects, programs, activities, and funding. Within the limits established by the Board of Directors and in the context of the programmes proposed, the Scientific Advisory List will:

- give its opinion on any programme or project outlined by the Board of Directors;
- develop proposals for the Association’s research and study activities;
- provide considered opinions on questions put to it by the Board of Directors;
- to promote contact between AOECS and other national and international scientists
  and institutions working in the same or related scientific fields.

The SAL shall ensure that sound medical and scientific knowledge supports AOECS’ efforts to reduce the impact of the celiac condition and other related conditions
verify work in progress and produce regular reports for the Board of Directors.

The SAL is divided into the following sub-specialities:

- cereal and food technology;
- dietetics/nutrition;
- epidemiology;
- gastroenterology ;
- genetics;
- immunology;
- pathology;
- paediatrics;
- psychosocial aspects,

Other areas can be added through a decision of the Board of Directors of AOECS.

Each sub-speciality is composed of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 scientific experts. Towards this aim, any nomination from the member societies shall include a small biography of the expert, his/her choice of the area of expertise from the above list and his/her acceptance to sit on the board. In the case where more than the maximum number of experts have been nominated for a sub-speciality, the member associations that have nominated these experts shall be asked to find a consensus and nominate other experts in the sub-specialities where the minimum number has not been reached

In the event that the minimum number of members within the sub speciality has not been reached or a consensus not reached, the Board shall decide and if need be, nominate members from well known international experts.

Meetings of the Scientific Advisory List are called by its Chairman and resolutions passed by simple majority. The Scientific Advisory List, shall utilise teleconferencing and email exchange as their means of meetings though they shall be encouraged to utilise the opportunities of their presence at scientific meetings to convene a physical meeting.

The Chairman of the SAL shall be invited to attend the annual general meeting of the AOECS and present a yearly report on the work of the SAL.