Licensing the Crossed Grain symbol

Crossed Grain symbol gluten free


Our Europe-wide licensing system means that one trademark license can give producers and retailers the right to use the Crossed Grain trademark on their gluten-free sales in over 30 European countries.


Surveys undertaken with coeliac consumers have shown that quickly and easily identifying foods that are safe to eat is of highest importance. The Crossed Grain symbol is seen as the most important means of communicating that a product is safe to eat and a guarantee of quality. This is due to the high standards of production that manufacturers and retailers using the symbol must conform to. For more details on the licensing system and required testing and auditing, please have a look at our Guide for Producers.


gluten free food labelling



This new licensing system, introduced in 2012 in fulfilment of AOECS’s aim to work for the best possible safety, availability and labelling of gluten-free food, is advantageous for all stakeholders involved:





- people with coeliac disease: providing a high level of safety and guarantee for their gluten-free diet
- food sector industry: giving companies the possibility to “certify” their products safety with an AOECS approved scheme
- caterers: seeking ingredients of high safety level for their coeliac customers.


Licenses are issued by the AOECS Member society located in the country in which the producer’s or retailer’s head office is based.

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