Coeliac Youth of Europe (CYE)

Coeliac Youth of Europe (CYE) is an umbrella organization of European coeliac youth groups and sits within the AOECS. Its vision is to "improve life conditions for young people with coeliac disease". Representatives are selected from all over Europe and come together once a year at their general assembly.


CYE is an international forum for raising awareness, exchanging knowledge and working together for a better future. For more information on CYE, have a look at their website

One of the current projects involves the development of a web-based magazine called "Beat the Wheat". This publication is an international mirror for young coeliacs, their activities, thoughts, and experiences. Published three times per year, this bulletin receives contributions from coeliac youngsters all across the world and features articles from travel tales and personal stories to medical informations.

For more information go to CYE projects.