Research Papers

Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: The sprue syndrome
Authors: PELNER, L.
Journal: J.Lancet
Title: Dermatitis herpetiformis followed by lesions resembling lichen planus
Authors: PRATT, A. G.
Journal: Arch.Derm.Syphilol.
Title: A case for diagnosis (dermatitis herpetiformis?)
Authors: ROSEN, I.
Journal: Arch.Derm.Syphilol.
Title: [Not Available]
Authors: SALVESENS, H. A.
Journal: Tidsskr.Nor Laegeforen.
Title: Coeliac disease; a survey from the Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Authors: SCOTT, G. E.
Journal: Med.J.Aust.
Title: Sprue and sprue-like diarrhoeas with fat and carbohydrate intolerance
Authors: SEN GUPTA, K. K.
Journal: Calcutta.Med.J.
Title: Follow-up of children suffering from herpetiform dermatitis
Authors: SOBYE, P.
Journal: Acta Derm.Venereol.
Title: The therapeutic effect of folic acid in tropical sprue
Authors: SPIES, T. D., SUAREZ, R. M., and .
Journal: Science
Title: Sprue
Authors: SUAREZ, R. M.
Journal: Bull.New Engl.Med.Cent.
Title: Dermatitis herpetiformis
Authors: SWEITZER, S. E.
Journal: Arch.Derm.Syphilol.