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Research Papers

Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: Sensitivity to iodides and bromides in dermatoses other than dermatitis herpetiformis
Authors: ALCON, D. N.
Journal: J.Invest Dermatol.
Title: Celiac syndrome; the relationship of celiac disease, starch intolerance, and steatorrhea
Authors: ANDERSEN, D. H.
Journal: J.Pediatr.
Title: Outbreaks of sprue during the Burma Campaign
Authors: AYREY, F.
Journal: Trans.R.Soc.Trop.Med.Hyg.
Title: [Not Available]
Authors: BLACK, A. K., Fourman, P., and TRINDER, P.
Journal: Laboratorio.
Title: Fat absorption in tropical sprue
Authors: Black, D. A., BOUND, J. P., and FOURMAN, L. P.
Journal: Q.J.Med.
Title: [Not Available]
Authors: BOUDET, G., BOUCOMONT, J., and .
Journal: Montp.Med.
Title: [Not Available]
Authors: BUONOMO LA, R. O. S. S.
Journal: Rass.Int.Clin.Ter.
Title: [Not Available]
Authors: CORREA, B. O.
Journal: Rev.Chil.Pediatr.
Title: Dermatitis herpetiformis (papular type) successfully treated with sulfapyridine
Authors: COSTELLO, M. J.
Journal: Arch.Derm.Syphilol.
Title: Sulfapyridine in the treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis
Authors: COSTELLO, M. J.
Journal: Arch.Derm.Syphilol.