Research Papers

Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: [Gastrointestinal complications of diabetes mellitus--an overview]
Authors: Hummel, M.
Journal: MMW.Fortschr.Med.
Title: [Prevalence of polyglandular autoimmune syndrome in patients with diabetes mellitus type 1]
Authors: Hunger-Battefeld, W., Fath, K., Mandecka, A., Kiehntopf, M., Kloos, C., Muller, U. A., and Wolf, G.
Journal: Med.Klin.(Munich)
Title: Recent advances in coeliac disease genetics
Authors: Hunt, K. A. and van Heel, D. A.
Journal: Gut
Title: Do horses suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?
Authors: Hunter, J. O.
Journal: Equine Vet.J.
Title: [Determination of milk and diary products consumption and their connection with lactose malabsorption or lactose intolerance in selected disorders of the alimentary tract in children]
Authors: Hutyra, T. and Iwanczak, B.
Journal: Pol.Merkur Lekarski.
Title: Stem cells therapies for gastrointestinal and liver diseases
Authors: Iacob, R., Sirbu-Boeti, P., Iacob, S., Dima, S., Gheorghe, C., Gheorghe, L., and Popescu, I.
Journal: Chirurgia.(Bucur.)
Title: Celiac artery stenosis/occlusion treated by interventional radiology
Authors: Ikeda, O., Tamura, Y., Nakasone, Y., and Yamashita, Y.
Journal: Eur.J.Radiol.
Title: The value of true-FISP sequence added to conventional gadolinium-enhanced MRA of abdominal aorta and its major branches
Authors: Iozzelli, A., D'Orta, G., Aliprandi, A., Secchi, F., Di, Leo G., and Sardanelli, F.
Journal: Eur.J.Radiol.
Title: Therapeutic efficacy of continuous arterial infusion of the protease inhibitor and the antibiotics and via celiac and superior mesenteric artery for severe acute pancreatitis--pilot study
Authors: Ishikawa, T., Imai, M., Kamimura, H., Ushiki, T., Tsuchiya, A., Togashi, T., Watanabe, K., Seki, K., Ohta, H., Yoshida, T., and Kamimura, T.
Journal: Hepatogastroenterology
Title: The utility of the DNA microarray scanner to simplify the immunofluorescence evaluation of autoimmune bullous diseases
Authors: Iwamoto, S., Iwamoto, A. T., Cha, J., Clark, T., Lu, M., Breen, C., Bhawan, J., and Falanga, V.
Journal: Am.J.Dermatopathol.