Research Papers

Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: Is adult celiac disease really uncommon in Chinese?
Authors: Jiang, L. L., Zhang, B. L., and Liu, Y. S.
Journal: J.Zhejiang.Univ Sci.B
Title: Collagenous colitis: description of a single centre series of 83 patients
Authors: Jobse, P., Flens, M. J., and Loffeld, R. J.
Journal: Eur.J.Intern.Med.
Title: The prevalence of celiac disease in blood donors in Iceland
Authors: Johannsson, G. F., Kristjansson, G., Cariglia, N., and Thorsteinsson, V.
Journal: Dig.Dis.Sci.
Title: Management of common gastrointestinal disorders: quality criteria based on patients' views and practice guidelines
Authors: Jones, R., Hunt, C., Stevens, R., Dalrymple, J., Driscoll, R., Sleet, S., and Blanchard, Smith J.
Journal: Br.J.Gen.Pract.
Title: Coeliac disease
Authors: Jones, R. and Sleet, S.
Journal: BMJ
Title: Nodular lymphoid hyperplasia and histologic changes mimicking celiac disease, collagenous sprue, and lymphocytic colitis in a patient with selective IgA deficiency
Authors: Joo, M., Shim, S. H., Chang, S. H., Kim, H., Chi, J. G., and Kim, N. H.
Journal: Pathol.Res.Pract.
Title: An alcoholic presenting fits
Authors: Jordan, R., Boulton, R., and Heydtmann, M.
Journal: Clin.Med.
Title: [Polyradiculopathy revealing an enteropathy associated T-cell lymphoma in a patient with celiac disease]
Authors: Jousserand, G., Poujois, A., Antoine, J. C., and Camdessanche, J. P.
Journal: Rev.Neurol.(Paris)
Title: Inhibition of epithelial growth factor receptor signalling does not preserve epithelial barrier function after in vitro gliadin insult
Authors: Juuti-Uusitalo, K., Lindfors, K., Maki, M., Patrikainen, M., Isola, J., and Kaukinen, K.
Journal: Scand.J.Gastroenterol.
Title: The 11th Annual International Congress of Pediatric Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Authors: Kader, H. H.
Journal: Expert.Rev.Gastroenterol.Hepatol.