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Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: Olmesartan improves left ventricular function in pressure-overload hypertrophied rat heart by blocking angiotensin II receptor with synergic effects of upregulation of angiotensin converting enzyme 2
Authors: Kaiqiang, Ji, Minakawa, M., Fukui, K., Suzuki, Y., and Fukuda, I.
Journal: Ther.Adv.Cardiovasc.Dis.
Title: Defining the lymph node burden in a Northern European population without malignancy: the potential effect of geography in determining a need for FNA?
Authors: Kalaitzakis, E., Sadik, R., Doig, L., and Meenan, J.
Journal: Dis.Esophagus.
Title: Definitive test to diagnose median arcuate ligament syndrome: injection of vasodilator during angiography
Authors: Kalapatapu, V. R., Murray, B. W., Palm-Cruz, K., Ali, A. T., Moursi, M. M., and Eidt, J. F.
Journal: Vasc.Endovascular.Surg.
Title: Deep venous thrombosis related to protein S deficiency revealing celiac disease
Authors: Kallel, L., Matri, S., Karoui, S., Fekih, M., Boubaker, J., and Filali, A.
Journal: Am.J.Gastroenterol.
Title: [Histological features of celiac disease in south Tunisia: a study of 114 pediatric cases]
Authors: Kallel, R., Krichen-Makni, S., Ellouze, S., Chaari, C., Charfi, S., Sellami, A., Tahri, M. N., Hachicha, M., and Sellami-Boudawara, T.
Journal: Tunis Med.
Title: Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis in a 9-year-old girl
Authors: Kamienska, E., Urasinski, T., Gawlikowska-Sroka, A., Glura, B., and Pogorzelski, A.
Journal: Eur.J.Med.Res.
Title: Drug usage evaluation of dapsone
Authors: Kannan, G., Vasantha, J., Rani, N. V., Thennarasu, P., Kousalya, K., Anuradha, P., and Reddy, C. U.
Journal: Indian J.Pharm.Sci.
Title: Decreased numbers of circulating plasmablasts and differences in IgA1-plasmablast homing to skin in coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis
Authors: Kantele, J. M., Savilahti, E., Westerholm-Ormio, M., Pakkanen, S., Arvilommi, H. S., Reunala, T., and Kantele, A. M.
Journal: Clin.Exp.Immunol.
Title: Microscopic colitis: a large retrospective analysis from a health maintenance organization experience
Authors: Kao, K. T., Pedraza, B. A., McClune, A. C., Rios, D. A., Mao, Y. Q., Zuch, R. H., Kanter, M. H., Wirio, S., and Conteas, C. N.
Journal: World J.Gastroenterol.
Title: Celiac disease
Authors: Karandish, E. and Hachem, C.
Journal: Mo.Med.