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Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: Screening for associated autoimmunity in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM)
Authors: Karavanaki, K., Kakleas, K., Paschali, E., Kefalas, N., Konstantopoulos, I., Petrou, V., Kanariou, M., and Karayianni, C.
Journal: Horm.Res.
Title: Food refusal as an unusual presentation in a toddler with duodenal web
Authors: Karnsakul, W., Gillespie, S., Cannon, M. L., and Kumar, T.
Journal: Clin.Pediatr.(Phila)
Title: Coeliac disease and eating disorders--forgotten comorbidities?
Authors: Karwautz, A. and Wagner, G.
Journal: Intern.Med.J.
Title: Current treatment of autoimmune blistering diseases
Authors: Kasperkiewicz, M. and Schmidt, E.
Journal: Curr.Drug Discov.Technol.
Title: Dermatitis herpetiformis flare associated with use of triiodomethane packing strips for alveolar osteitis
Authors: Katz, K. A., Roseman, J. E., Roseman, R. L., and Katz, S. I.
Journal: J.Am.Acad.Dermatol.
Title: Five years' experience with capsule endoscopy in a single center
Authors: Kav, T. and Bayraktar, Y.
Journal: World J.Gastroenterol.
Title: Is there any requirement for celiac disease screening routinely in postmenapausal women with osteoporosis?
Authors: Kavuncu, V., Dundar, U., Ciftci, I. H., Evcik, D., and Yigit, I.
Journal: Rheumatol.Int.
Title: Clinicopathological characteristics of primary gastric T-cell lymphoma
Authors: Kawamoto, K., Nakamura, S., Iwashita, A., Watanabe, J., Oshiro, Y., Nakayama, Y., Nimura, S., Kimura, N., Aoyagi, K., Yao, T., Kuramochi, S., Matsuyama, A., Kurihara, K., Ohshima, K., and Takeshita, M.
Journal: Histopathology
Title: Tests of pancreatic exocrine function - clinical significance in pancreatic and non-pancreatic disorders
Authors: Keller, J., Aghdassi, A. A., Lerch, M. M., Mayerle, J. V., and Layer, P.
Journal: Best.Pract.Res.Clin.Gastroenterol.
Title: Routine positron emission tomography does not alter nodal staging in patients undergoing EUS-guided FNA for esophageal cancer
Authors: Keswani, R. N., Early, D. S., Edmundowicz, S. A., Meyers, B. F., Sharma, A., Govindan, R., Chen, J., Kohlmeier, C., and Azar, R. R.
Journal: Gastrointest.Endosc.