Research Papers

Here you can search for research papers on coeliac disease and other associated conditions.
Title: [Not available]
Authors: GOUGEROT, H., Duperrat, B., and .
Journal: Ann.Dermatol.Syphiligr.(Paris)
Title: [Not available]
Authors: GOUGEROT, M., Grupper, C., and Duperrat, B.
Journal: Ann.Dermatol.Syphiligr.(Paris)
Title: Thoughts on sprue after experience in India
Authors: LEISHMAN, A. W.
Journal: Lancet
Title: Carbohydrate absorption in sprue
Authors: MAEGRAITH, B. G., ADAMS, A. R., and .
Journal: Lancet
Title: [Not available]
Authors: OLTRAMARE, D.
Journal: Rev.Med.Suisse Romande
Title: The sprue syndrome
Authors: PARKINSON, R. V.
Journal: Pharm.J.
Title: The treatment of coeliac disease with vitamin B complex and liver extract
Authors: ALLIBONE, E. C.
Journal: Proc.R.Soc.Med.
Title: Celiac syndrome; genetics of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas, with a consideration of etiology
Authors: ANDERSEN, D. H. and HODGES, R. G.
Journal: Am.J.Dis.Child
Title: Fat-absorption in tropical sprue
Authors: Black, D. A., FOURMAN, L. P., and TRINDER, P.
Journal: Lancet
Title: Herpes gestationis; report of a case occurring post-partum on three separate occasions
Authors: CALLAWAY, J. L., NOOJIN, R. O., and .
Journal: Urol.Cutaneous.Rev.