Coeliac Youth of Europe (CYE)

As the youth arm of AOECS, the Coeliac Youth of Europe (CYE) aims to "improve living conditions for young people with coeliac disease". CYE delegates are selected from AOECS Member societies and hold their own annual General Assembly.

CYEThe Coeliac Youth of Europe (CYE) is an international forum for young people to raise awareness and exchange knowledge on coeliac disease. It also aims to improve access to information on maintaining a gluten free diet as reflected in their Gluten Free Maps project. 

Their publication “Beat the Wheat” reports on their members’ activities, thoughts, and experiences with contributions from young people all over the world suffering from the condition.  It is published three times a year and features articles on personal experiences as well as travel and medical information. View their latest edition here.

For more information on CYE, visit their website