Milk Products

Fresh milk is naturally gluten-free and a good source of calcium. However, powdered milk, condensed milk, milk with added fibre or flavourings etc is not always gluten-free. In some countries you may find these options used, also in coffee machines, so please always check the ingredients list.


Yoghurt is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk and is a good source of calcium. Worldwide, cow's milk is most commonly used to make yoghurt, but milk from water buffalo, goats, sheep, camels and yaks is also used in various parts of the world.

Fresh plain yoghurt is naturally gluten-free but there are some thickened or flavoured yoghurts which have added fibre so always check the packaging. In addition, some plain-flavoured yoghurts are made creamier or thickened using non gluten-free ingredients.

Please note that soya yoghurt may contain gluten.


Butter does not contain gluten. It is made by churning cream or milk and consists of butterfat, water and milk proteins. Butter consists mostly of saturated fat and is a significant source of cholesterol.


Cheese is gluten-free and is high in calcium, fat and protein. It is produced from milk, usually the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep. Some soft cheeses, processed cheeses and cheese spreads contain wheat so it is best to check the ingredient list of such products.