Please make sure to follow the abstract formatting requirements;


Maximum of 350 – 400 words, single-spaced, with top and bottom margins of 2.5 cm, and right and left margins of 3 cm. 2.5 cm top and bottom, and 3 cm left and right margins.


Arial Nova, font size 12 in bold

List of Authors

Write author names in Vancouver format, in Arial Nova font size 10, in italics, and left justified. Also indicate the institution or faculty of origin, on the bottom line, in the same format.

Abstract body text obligatory content

  • Introduction/objectives:
    briefly describe the problem statement and justification of the work.
  • Materials and methods:
    explain the methodology and type of work.
  • Results:
    describe the results obtained in the study.
  • Conclusions/discussion:
    relation of the work with the previous bibliography, discussion of the results obtained, relevance of the study, highlighting the most important aspects.
  • Bibliography:
    include up to four bibliographical references, in Vancouver format.
  • Keywords

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