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To mark International Coeliac Day, AOECS is arranging a series of free webinars throughout the month of May 2024. In this webinar series, we invite specialists to present the latest trends and discoveries on coeliac disease. Register today, as the number of seats is limited for each webinar.

If you are keen to learn more about coeliac disease before the live webinars you can find recorded webinars from 2023 here.

ICD Webinar2024#2 V4

Gluten-Free Diet: How National Coeliac Societies support their members.

Date: 9 May, 2024
Duration: 52 minutes
Susanna Neuhold, Italian Coeliac Association
Language: English

It is not easy to maintain a strict gluten-free diet. National Coeliac Societies work in many ways to support their members in following their prescripted diet.

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ICD Webinar2024#3 V3

Diagnosing Coeliac Disease: What are the lessons learned across countries?

Date: 16 May, 2024
Duration: 25 minutes
Presenters: Marilyn Geller, Celiac Disease Foundation; Hannah Knight, Adelphi Real World; Nimah Harvey, Adelphi Real World
Language: English

Delayed diagnosis of celiac disease can result in long-term health complications and increase the risk of developing other autoimmune disorders. Early management is crucial to prevent these potential outcomes.

To address this, the Celiac Disease Foundation has conducted a comprehensive analysis comparing diagnostic practices for celiac disease across the USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Join us for this insightful webinar where we will unveil the findings and discuss implications for improving early diagnosis rates globally.

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ICD Webinar2024#4 V4

A Cure for Coeliac Condition: Where Are We?

Date: 24 May, 2024
Duration: 48 minutes
Prof. Riccardo Troncone, University Federico II in Naples
Language: English

Potential treatments alternative to gluten-free diet.

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ICD Webinar2024#1 V4

Edible Packing: What Is There For Coeliacs?

Date: 31 May, 2024
Duration: 51 minutes
Presenter: Tatyana A.Savitskaya, Belarusian State University; Iryna Kimlenka, PhD Chemistry, Belarusian State University
Language: English

Food novelties and innovations bring new alternatives to the market for consumers. What can coeliacs expect?

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If you are keen to learn more about coeliac disease, you can binge watch our webinar series from 2023.