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If you are working in the food industry with gluten free food, we would love to talk with you. One of our greatest missions is to make sure that there is safe gluten free food available everywhere, to give people variety and choice. Especially to those with coeliac disease who have to eat gluten free. Every day, no matter where they are in the world that particular day.

We are here to help food companies ensure their gluten free offering is safe and thereby also access to our exclusive gluten free trademark that is recognized and trusted by consumers globally.

Read more about our gluten free certification with the crossed grain.

Gluten Free Certification
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The Crossed Grain Trademark

The Crossed Grain Trademark (CGT) is a globally registered trademark and can only be used under licence on food and drink products that meet the AOECS standard. Amongst coeliac consumers, the CGT is seen as the most important means of letting them know that a product is safe to eat.

Our member societies have licensed over 23,000 gluten free products that are tested to be safe. Use of this trademark is strictly monitored by AOECS and its member societies to ensure its integrity.

For more information on obtaining a license for the use of the Crossed Grain symbol, please contact your local society or send us a mail:

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