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Coeliac Day Virtual Run 2023

Date: 16-21 May, 2023
Where: anywhere
What: an excersize event to support young coeliacs

AOECS together with several national coeliac societies around Europe arranges the Coeliac Day Virtual Run.

It is a pan-European online exercise event for which you could register and support young European coeliacs.

Coeliac Day Virtual Run 2023
Biodegradeable Green


Can biodegradeable food packages contaminate
gluten free food?

Date: Recorded
Where: Online
Presenters: Floris van Overveld; Director of the Dutch Coeliac Society,  Susanna Neuhold; National Food Area manager of Italian Celiac Association, Cristina De Abreu Rodrigues; Master in Food Technology and Control at Spanish Coeliac Society (FACE) and Carmen Sorice; Chemical Engineer at the Italian Institute of Packing, Moderator; Tunde Koltai - Chair AOECS Board


Three independent studies conducted by different European coeliac societies reveal that gluten can migrate from biodegradable containers into packaged gluten free food.

The results of the studies showed that gluten free food was contaminated with gluten with values well over the maximum gluten threshold allowed for coeliac food consumption.

At the moment, European legislation does not regulate the use of allergens in Food Contact Materials (FCM) such as packages and tableware.

In this webinar, the findings from the studies was presented to the public to start a debate about the risks of using biodegradeable packages containing gluten and seek for possible ways forward.

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Online training course

AOECS Auditor Training

When: Ondemand
Where: Online. You will receive access after registration.
Language: English
Cost: 225€ + applicable VAT. Email invoice.
Trainers: Ana Campos, AOECS Licensing Manager and Susanna Neuhold, Food Safety Specialist


AOECS have launched the AOECS Standard 3.0 for prepacked food, which will become binding as of 1st January 2023. In order to get equipped for conducting audits against the AOECS Standard, auditors are encouraged to attend this training.

If you wish to join this online training course, please click on "Read more" to get more information and to register.

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Introducing the new AOECS Standard v3.0

Date: This webinar was held on Tuesday 26th of April, 2022
Where: Recorded
Presenters: Emily Hampton, Head of Food Policy at Coeliac UK and Susanna Neuhold, National Responsible of Food at AIC


The AOECS Standard for Gluten-Free Foods is a guiding document on how to meet the technical requirements that apply for food business operators who want to license their products for the Crossed Grain Symbol.

The AOECS Standard has recently been revised and a new version of the document has been released, which supersedes the old version. The new AOECS Standard becomes binding by 1st January 2023, with a soft launch period of 6 months

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the changes that have been made and explain how these changes strengthen our system.

This webinar is primarily aiming to inform current Crossed Grain license holders, certification bodies and auditors who work with CGT-revisions and companies who aspire to obtain a CGT license.

The webinar was recorded and can be seen by clicking on the link below.

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Coeliac Day Run

Date: This event was held 16-22 May, 2022
Where: anywhere
What: an excersize event to support Ukrainian coeliacs

AOECS did together with several national coeliac societies around Europe arrange the Coeliac Day Virtual Run.

It was a pan-European online exercise event for which you could register and support our humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

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