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About us

We are the umbrella organisation of European national coeliac societies


The Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) is an independent, non-profit organisation representing people affected by coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) across Europe and beyond.

AOECS is an umbrella organisation of European national coeliac societies, aiming to represent our 38 enrolled member societies on an international stage. We’re involved in several international initiatives to raise awareness of coeliac disease and encourage vital research into its diagnosis and management.


Working Group

Collaborating with European and international institutions and coeliac organisations, we’re working towards:

  • the best possible safety, availability and labelling of products suitable for gluten intolerant people
  • encouraging more multi-national research projects on coeliac disease and DH
  • a more open exchange of information on coeliac, gluten intolerance, DH and their suitable diets
  • developing and sharing skills and knowledge, particularly among newer national coeliac societies, to support the social welfare of those affected by coeliac, gluten intolerance and DH.

Our regular participation in sessions of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, an organisation responsible for adopting standards and guidelines for food legislation across the world, has resulted in the improvement of several Codex standards to protect the gluten intolerant population:

  • all gluten containing ingredients must be labelled with no exceptions
  • naturally gluten free foods must remain so (e.g., free from gluten coating)
  • no transfer of genes is known to cause gluten sensitive enteropathy in GMO foods.


AOECS' statutes govern the rights and duties of the organisation and its members. The current version was last updated and approved at the General Assembly in 2021.

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What is coeliac disease?

Coeliac disease is a condition where your immune system will attack and damage parts of your own body if food containing gluten, such as bread, pasta and cakes, is eaten. It’s usually treated with a gluten free diet.

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AOECS members

We currently have 39 full member societies enrolled across Europe, representing and championing the interests of around 300,000 people affected by coeliac disease.


AOECS partners

Find out more about partners we've joined forces with in the battle to help those suffering from coeliac disease.

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Our history

Founded in 1988, AOECS is now a recognised player in the international arena of coeliac disease. Find out more about our journey...