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AOECS Auditor Training

  • 20th October 2022
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AOECS starts training sessions for food auditors to give them a good understanding of the new AOECS Standard. This new version of the standard will become mandatory for all companies licenced with the Crossed Grain Trademark as of January 1st, 2023.

The first training course will take place on two separate occasions on November 18 and November 24, 2022.

The target audience is freelancing auditors who perform second party or internal audits and third party auditors who work for accredited certification bodies. The training is designed for both experienced and new auditors in conducting AOECS stand-alone audits.

To get access to this training session you will have to present an invitation letter from a National Coeliac Society. If you want to request an invitation, please contact a National Coeliac Society in the country where you perform audits against the AOECS Standard.

AOECS Auditor Training

Here you can download the new AOECS Standard

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