Coeliac Day Run 2022

  • 6th May 2022
  • 2 min read

Coeliac Day Virtual Run - 2022

AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies) is arranging Coeliac Day Virtual Run together with national coeliac societies from over 10 European countries.

It is a pan-European online exercise event where you can choose to run, walk or cycle a distance of 3 or 10 km from May 16th until May 22nd. We do this to mark the International Coeliac Day and, this year, also to help fellow coeliacs in Ukraine.


Why we are doing this event

By registering to this event the participants pay an entrance fee of 10€ each. Through this, the participants will support the AOECS Emergency Fund for coeliacs in Ukraine.

The participants also partly support the national coeliac society in their country in their work for making life better for coeliacs in their country.


How does a virtual run work?

The participants register for the race through an online registration link. After that, they can choose to walk, run or cycle a distance of 3 or 10 kilometers wherever they want between May 16th – 22nd.

After the walking, running or cycling the participants may enter their time through the same link they used when signing up for the event. If they wish they can then compare the results with others in the online results list.

It is popular to use the sports watches to upload the result and chosen course for others to see, but you can as well enter your time manually.

Register here