Study on method to detect gluten in food

  • 17th January 2022
  • 1 min read

Study on using Gliadin as measure of gluten in food

The Journal of AOAC International has published a collaborative study that aimed to demonstrate  the wide applicability of Official Method 2012.01 for the quantitative analysis of gliadin in soy, starches, pseudo cereals, legumes, spices, juice, nut nougat crème, cream cheese, pesto, meat, vegetarian meat alternative, cookies, dessert, cake, fish, bread, candies, and potatoes.

The R5 Sandwich ELISA RIDASCREEN is the method that has to be used when products are labeled with the trademark protected Crossed Grain Symbol licensed by AOECS. For fermented of partially hydrolyzed gluten in products like beer, syrups or sourdough the R5-competitive-ELISA has to be applied.

This collaborative study confirms that the method is accurate and suitable to measure gliadin in important gluten-free food matrixes.

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