Governmental bodies

We collaborate at different levels with many governmental organs in Europe. They can be described as any authority exercising or entitled to exercise  administrative, advisory, executive, judicial, legislative, or regulatory power.

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This is a EU body that develops territorial cooperation across national borders. The aim is to encourage cities and regions from different Member States to work together and learn from each other through joint programs, projects and networks. The Interreg programs are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In cooperation with several other European organisations our national coeliac societies in central Europe have accomplished to create a free online course program for both coeliacs and professionals. This was made possible by support and funding from Interreg.

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Codex Alimentarius Commission

This is an international organisation tied to the United Nations who works to protect consumer health and promote fair practice in food trade. They develop standards, guidelines, and codes of practice for the food industry. The organisation was founded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations together with World Health Organisation.

The AOECS enjoy the status as observer at Codex meetings. As an observer we play role in ensuring Codex committee’s suggestions are of the highest quality and together with other observers give Codex legitimacy.

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