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Coeliac Awareness Day

May 16

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May 16 -
International Coeliac Disease Awareness Day

Every year, National Coeliac Associations around the globe use this day as an opportunity to raise awareness among the public on coeliac disease and other gluten-related issues.

In different countries, campaigns and informative sessions are organized during this week to share information about the latest research, treatments, early diagnosis campaigns and diets that can help people with coeliac disease and gluten-related issues to improve their well-being and diminish the discomfort related to life-long rigorous treatment and diet.


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Help us create more awareness of coeliac disease. Download and share the materials on your social media and elsewhere. You can also find events to visit near you in combination with international coeliac awareness day.


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Run for coeliacs in Ukraine

Since March 2022 the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) has been actively involved in funding food shipments into Ukraine. These efforts have provided essential gluten-free food to Ukrainian coeliacs still residing in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian refugees.

To sustain and expand this crucial support, we need to collect more funds to the AOECS Emergency Fund.

You can make a difference! Put on your running shoes and register for this race to mark International Coeliac Day and to support AOECS’s work in Ukraine.

Coeliac Day Run is a virtual event where you run, walk or cycle to show your support for people with coeliac disease. Participant fee is only 10€.

The event is now open for registrations. All revenue from the race goes directly to AOECS Emergency Fund. Sign up today!

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