May 16 Green

International Coeliac Day


May 16, 2022 -
International Coeliac Disease Awareness Day

Every year, National Coeliac Associations around the globe use this day as an opportunity to raise awareness among the public on coeliac disease and other gluten-related issues.

In different countries, campaigns and informative sessions are organized during that week to share information about the latest research, treatments, early diagnosis campaigns and diets that can help people with coeliac disease and gluten-related issues to improve their well-being and diminish the discomfort related to life-long rigorous treatment and diet.


Samuel Jones Gee. Photo: G. Jerrard, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In parallel with May 16th, other countries may also have their specific coeliac day. That is the case of the United States of America, which set up September 13th as the Celiac Disease Awareness Day, recognizing the birth of Dr. Samuel Gee, the physician who first published literature on the nature of coeliac disease and the need for a diet treatment.