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Coeliac Awareness Day




Shine A Light on Celiac Disease

Date: 16 May, 2023
City: Worldwide
Place: Landmarks

During May Celiac Awareness Month, specifically on “International Celiac Disease Awareness Day,” May 16, different celiac disease organizations will join around the world in an international campaign to strengthen their message and mission to raise awareness of celiac disease.

They all work together to light up landmarks and buildings internationally on May 16.

The photo depicts of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 16th, 2023. Lit up green on the request of the Brazilian Coeliac Society Movimento Celíacos do Brasil.

Photo: Movimento Celíacos do Brasil.

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National Celiac Week

Date: 13-21 May, 2023
City: various
Venue: various

This event takes place every year, since 2015.

The goal is to spread correct informations about celiac disease and the gluten free diet, making the public and media aware of a pathology that affects around 600.000 people in Italy, of which almost 400.000 have not yet been diagnosed.

An important moment to talk about the many false myhts and fake news that generate lack of information and knowledge about celiac disease and the needs of patients.

The National Association provides the website and organises an initiative in schools which provides for a day with an entirely gluten-free menu for all students. The local Associations create a wide calendar of events dedicated to people with celiac disease and not only throughout Italy.

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Coeliac Disease Medical Congress

Date: 11 May, 2023
City: Madrid
Venue: Hospital Clínico San Carlos

The aim of this meeting is to raise awareness of celiac disease and to share the latest scientific/medical advances in this area. This event is especially focused on the health and scientific sector (family doctors, specialists, nutritionists, scientists...).

This event will cover topics such as protocols for the diagnosis of primary disease, the importance of primary care in the approach to the disease, associated disorders and psychological aspects, among others.

Attendance at these medical conferences is free, however, registration is required to reserve a place.

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Mediterranean Gluten Free Forum

Date: 20-21 May, 2023
City: Barcelona
Venue: National Teather of Catalonia, Plaça de les Arts, 1.

We expect 10.000 visitors at this event.

The Mediterrean Gluten Free Forum, the fair that was born with the vocation of positioning Barcelona as the European capital of gluten-free products and diet, a unique showcase and meeting point for people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Space in which are announced products, recipes, drinks, trends, etc. of high interest to people with pathologies related to gluten intake and their families.

Here you will find a large commercial exhibition with gluten-free products, to bread making and pastry courses, specific conferences, satellite symposium for health professionals (doctors, nurses, dietitians...) among other things.

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City congress about coeliac disease

Date: 7 May, 2023
Time: 10:30 - 13:00
City: Iraklio, Crete

This event is a congress about coeliac disease and gluten free diet. It will take place in the city of Iraklio in Crete and will be both in person and broadcasted online.

The Hellenic Coeliac Society decided to start the event in Crete this year and following years in another city in Greece to mark International Coeliac Day.

With the dual character of the event the Hellenic Society strengthen local communities and at the same time, with the online promotion, we stand by every affected individual wherever they are.

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Date: 1-31 May, 2023
City: Online
Venue: social media

The Swiss Coeliac Society will arrange a drive on social media to create awareness of coeliac disease all through the month of May. Look out for the hashtag #zoeliakiemonatmai

Swiss Society webpage


Celiac Disease Awareness Day

Date: 16 May, 2023
City: all over Portugal
Venue: Schools

The Portuguese Coeliac Society (APC) is promoting Coeliac Disease Awareness Day in schools in mainland Portugal and the islands, this time on International Celiac Day - May 16 (Tuesday ).

The initiative is free and aims to inform, in a playful way, all children, young people and the school community, what it means to be coeliac and eat gluten-free, without this being seen as a different.

Students who attend the coeliac school are encouraged to wear a blue piece of clothing on that day. APC will send out didactic material to teachers, such as games and digital books, educational videos and other activities about coeliac disease and gluten free diet to be used in awareness-raising activities.

The principal or teachers are encouraged to send an educational email about coeliac disease to all staff and parents. (APC will provide you with the information to include in that email) in order to raise awareness throughout the school community.

For APC members, in addition to teaching materials, some gluten-free products will be offered with the support of APC partners. In that way, the teacher can have (or complement) a gluten-free snack on the 16th in the coeliac class.

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Awareness week

Date: 15-20 May, 2023
City: online

The Polish Coeliac Society arranges an awareness week for coeliac disease. It will contain multiple information actions such as: podcast with a famous influencer about coeliac disease, lots of info about coeliac disease in social media, speach at a conference for food producers and a lot more.

Coeliac Conference

Date: 20 May, 2023
City: Warsaw
Venue: TBD

A larger conference is planned and further details on this event will follow shortly.

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Coeliac Disease Awareness

Date: May, 2023
City: all over Finland
Venue: multiple venues

The Finnish Coeliac Society, Keliakialiitto, is together with its subdivisions arranging events throughout all of May to mark International Coeliac Disease Day.

You can search and find an event by clicking on the link below.

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Living gluten free in Luxembourg - 25 anniversary

Date: 14 May, 2023
City: Luxembourg
Venue: Salle des Fêtes - Mondorf Domaine Thermal
Time: from 10:00

Under the high patronage of Madame Paulette LENERT, Minister of Health, the ALIG Board of Directors has the honor to invite you to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Luxembourg Association of Gluten Intolerants.

Registration is compulsory and can be done on the website. There is a participation fee for this event.

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Happy Gluten Free Fest

Date: 14th May, 2023
Time: 11:00 - 18:00
City: Bucharest
Venue: Hotel Caro, Bdul Barbu Văcărescu 164A

The event will include a small gluten free products fair, 2 cooking classes (one for kids and one for families), a theater play for kids with an adapted play from a Romanian story about the role of salt in food - the gluten free version of the story, food stands with fresh food and a picnic area. We will also include the launching event of a new GF certified romanian brand.

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Coeliac Disease Awareness Week

Date: 15-20 May, 2023
City: all across Ireland
Venue: multiple venues

The Irish Coeliac Society is arranging several events throughout all of May to mark International Coeliac Disease Day;

  • Ambassador Stories
  • Host your own coffee morning, in conjunction with our sponsor
  • Online morning to launch Awareness Week
  • Symptom articles in Social Media
  • Quiz Night
  • Educational webinars

Visit Coeliac Society of Ireland webpage to learn more.

Coeliac Society of Ireland webpage


Children's adventure day

Date: 13th May, 2023
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
City: Münster
Venue: Fachhochschulzentrum, Corrensstraße 25, Münster

This event allows families to get in touch with each other and exchange experience about celiac disease.

There are several workshops planned for children, to learn, how they handle everyday life with celiac disease. If they have completed the workshops, they can look forward to earn a little surprise. They can be creative, learn more and at the same time have fun.

Parents will also have the possibility to learn more about the disease on our lecture.

At this event it is possible to eat without having to worry and meet people who are in the same situation. There will also be balloon artist, magic show and much more. Let's have an adventure Day together!

The event is organized by Deutsche Zöliakie Gesellschaft e.V. 

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Coeliac week

Date: 16 May, 2023
City: Stockholm
Time: 15:00 - 19:00, CET
Place: The Park, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1

This is a social event where people can meet and exchange experiences on living with coeliac disease.

For a small fee, you can bead your own coeliac bracelet and all the proceeds will go to Celiakifonden, a Swedish scientific research fund for the study of coeliac disease.

Free coffee, tea, sandwiches and sweets will be available and everyone will get a goodie bag with different gluten free products to take home.

You need to register in advance for participating in this event.

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Podcast "Glutenpodden" special edition

Date: 16 May, 2023
Venue: online

Glutenpodden, our podcast, will release a special Coeliac day episode on the 16th of May, talking about what Coeliac day is, why we need it and what happens around the world in Coeliac days, weeks and months.

Listen here

Coeliac week regional

Date: 14-21 May, 2023
City: various places

All around Sweden, our local Coeliac Associations have activities on days during the Swedish coeliac week, and many of our members will find something to engage in during the week.


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Coeliac Awareness Week

Date: 15 - 21 May, 2023
City: all over Norway
Venue: sport arenas

We will combine the Coeliac Awareness Week and Coeliac Day Run with the launch of this years’ campaign “Glutenfritt på banen”, meaning something like “glutenfree on the track”.

The activities will be on social medias. We will focus on the fact that at football stadiums and other sport arenas where they sell food, there are seldom any glutenfree alternatives available.

Therefore, we have now prepared a digital tool kit with i.e. fact sheets, brochure, film, posters with useful information for the ones responsible for the food at such places.

We also encourage to participate at the Coeliac Day Run.

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Gluten free burger week

Date: 15 - 21 May, 2023
City: all over Netherlands
Place: restaurants

This is a campaign for raising awareness in restaurants and catering facilities. The campaign is about serving a gluten free burger on the menu in the Dutch restaurants and catering facilities.

With this goal we want to show the Dutch catering industry that serving gluten-free dishes safely can be easy if you know how to approach this.

We provide the catering industry with tools for this by means of fact sheets with information, gluten-free products and recipes from the restaurants from Horeca Alliantie Gluten-free.

Do you want to join? Make the catering industry aware of this campaign and show them that you can cook and serve gluten-free easily and safely with the right information. Follow the link below to learn how to do it.

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Coeliac Week

Date: 15 - 21 May, 2023
City: all over Norway
Venue: sport arenas

This year, both of our societies (Vlaamse Coeliakievereniging & Société belge de la Cœliaquie) will work together in order to spread information about coeliac disease and the gluten free diet.

We have decided to act together and our main goal this year is to raise awareness about the cost of the gluten free diet.

For many years, we have been in contact with the authorities in order to increase the monthly compensation received by people suffering from coeliac disease. The compensation is the same since 2008 and meanwhile, there are dramatic food increases.

We will this year make a survey in Belgium and all people eating gluten free food are invited to participate. We will also make a comparative study of the prices and with all these results, we will lobby our government. 



Coeliac Day lecture and screening test

Date: 16 May, 2023
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
City: Zagreb
Place:  Celiko Center, Nikola Tomašića 10

Croatian Coeliac Society presents the lecture "Chameleon forms of celiac disease, recognition and pitfalls of this trigger of numerous diseases".

Coeliac disease is a chameleon-like autoimmune disease that, if left untreated, results in damage to many organ systems. It should be discovered more often than until now, at every age. With the aim of getting to know this autoimmune disease as well as possible and to recognize it as early as possible.

After the lecture it is offered a screening test for coeliac disease. It is a quick test from a drop of blood from a finger (free for family members with celiac disease and/or until supplies of tests run out).

In conjunction with the lecture gluten free products are available from various producers of licenced gluten free food.


United Kingdom

Coeliac Awareness Week

Date: 15 - 21 May, 2023
Where: online and in media

Coeliac UK is launching the campaign"Coeliac disease is different for everyone". The campaign aims to raise awareness by spotlighting the lesser known symptoms as it's often these 'non gut' symptoms that help people to join the dots and get tested more quickly.

With only 36% of the population in the UK diagnosed, the aim of the campaign is to reach the many hundreds of thousands who are experiencing symptoms, and encourage them to take our self-assessment to see if they should speak to their healthcare professional about being tested.

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Shine A Light on Celiac Disease

Date: 16 May + 3 June, 2023
City: Tblisi
Place: TV Tower + Pullman Axis Towers Hotel Tbilisi

The Georgian National Celiac Association (GNCA) was created in December, 2022. As a young organization they have already set their footprint in Georgia.

On May 16th the TV tower in Tblisi was lit green to mark celiac disease.

The same day the young organization arranged an event for children with celiac disease at the local amusement park Mtatsminda Park.

On 3rd of June GNCA is hosting the first Celiac Congress in Georgia. This event is targeted towards medical doctors.

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