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Help us create awareness of coeliac disease by sharing your story with others.

Michael Square


"After getting some routine bloodwork results showing low Vitamin D levels, my doctor ordered further testing. About a month before Christmas 2018, on a cold Saturday morning my doctor called me..."

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Anna 1000


"Life is a gift, find the strength within yourself to move forward!"

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Lindsay 2


“I've chosen the title 'A bolt from the blue' (meaning something that comes as a complete surprise) to describe my story of being diagnosed with coeliac disease."

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Katre Square


"From having a condition to living with it…"

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Eva Germany 1000Px


“After many tests, I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005. This autoimmune disease meant that I had to avoid gluten-containing foods for the rest of my life...

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Ana1 Squareana


"Mi nombre es Ana y soy Nutricionista..."

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“I didn’t know about celiac disease until I became a father. In 2005 two of my daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease..."

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Share your story with us

This is how it works

We all have different experiences and experiences with celiac disease. Help us spread awareness of celiac disease by telling your story. 

Briefly describe how the disease has changed your life and how you came into contact with celiac disease. By doing this, you help us spread the word about the disease and show how it affects our lives in various ways.

You don't have to write in English. Use your own language if it feels more comfortable, but remember it helps more to take part in the story if it is told in English.